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My Father's Music, Patricia Snyder, album cover My Father's Music
A Memoir of World War II
Patricia Snyder

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"You went away and my heart went with you..."
You'll Never Know

July 31, 1945: My father, Sgt. Mayone of the 1974th Quartermaster Truck Company, walks through the door of my grandparents' home and I hide behind my mother's skirts. Bringing myself up to the full size of my exactly two years, I insist that someone "get that strange man out of my house!" Pretty bold — wouldn't you think? Ah, but I was something special... No other little girl had had a song written about her by Lt. Don Mackin somewhere in war-torn Italy just hours after her father had learned that his wife, Mary, had given birth to a baby daughter and named her Patricia Ann, "Patsy Ann" to my father and to Lt. Mackin and to their fellow soldiers who served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, France and Germany in World War II.

This is the story of two love affairs lived within and in spite of a world war. The gentlman's voice that you hear introducing several songs is Sgt. John Mayone; he is my father. The other voice is Mrs. Dorothy D. Mackin, widow of Lt. Don P. Mackin; he was my father's commanding officer and the composer of the song, "Patsy Ann."

This story begins in the summer of 1942, when my father convinces his fianceé, Mary, to join him at Hunter Army Air Field in Savannah, Georgia, and marry him before his company is sent overseas. At the same time, Miss Dottie DuPuis, Director of the Enlisted Men's Service Club at Hunter Field, meets Lt. Don Mackin at the club, where he reveals his considerable talent as a pianist. My parents married in July of 1942; Dottie and Don married in October of 1945.

Their stories, so personal, yet so universal, especially in time of war, are the setting for My Father's Music; the songs are those that Dottie and my father particularly associate with their memories. I am most grateful for their contributions.

Most of all, I am grateful for a happy ending, because (now) Capt. Mackin and Sgt. Mayone came home to those who loved them and waited for them.

My thanks to Bob, Tom, and Charlie for those sweet sounds; to Mike and to Lou for keeping us on bass, and for wonderful Bobby driving those drums. My thanks to Norman for both his exquisite turn at the guitar and for his skill and patience as an engineer. To Joe, there is no adequate language to describe our work together, but don't we have a wonderful time! I know I would be lost without you, my compadre.

My gratitude to the late Don P. Mackin for "Patsy Ann" and to Dottie Mackin for her love and support; I treasure our friendship. To my father, John Mayone, and to my late mother, Mary Cotich Mayone, how young and brave you both were! Thank you for that legacy.

To Emily Coven of Flax Media, thank you for my elegant website; and to dear Janet, thank you for a friendship that sustains me. My love to Dick, who shares and encourages my dreams; my love to my children, Jacqueline and Jack, who are the brilliant light in my life.

Patricia Snyder
February 12, 2007
Produced by Patricia Snyder
All arrangements by Joe McWilliams
Recorded and mixed at
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken, NJ, USA


Patricia Snyder, Vocals

Joe McWilliams, Piano & Arrangements
Joe McWilliams got his start as a professional pianist in the late 1970s, first performing with his mother's band as well as at the River Cafe in Brooklyn and at Greene Street in Soho. Trained classically by Ray Therrien and in jazz by John Mehegan, Joe spent much of the '80s performing in New York and New Haven. Joe has played in 30 countries and recorded extensively with both his own groups and with others. Among the many artists he has played with or opened for are Dave Brubeck, Cab Calloway, Gerry Mulligan, Cookie Thomas and the Platters. Joe cites a variety of artists as his main influences: Bill Evans, Eddie Buster, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, Joni Mitchell and Red Garland. Joe is currently the music director at Beacon Falls Congregational Church in Beacon Falls. Joe McWilliams can be reached at 203-888-6401 or .

Bob Kolb, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Clarinet
Tom Boates, Trombone
Charlie Weyant, Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet
Michael Asetta, Bass
Lou Bocciarelli, Bass
Bobby Leonard, Drums
With Normal Johnson, Guitar