Patricia Snyder

Patricia Snyder has been performing since the age of five, gravitating to the music of The Great American Songbook from childhood. Her greatest influence was her father, John Mayone, a drummer, who while serving in Italy, Sicily and Africa with The Army Air Corps., brought the music of our American composers to the troops.

Role models are Frank Sinatra for his exquisite phrasing, especially in live recordings, Ella Fitzgerald for her versatility, and mostly, Rosemary Clooney for her unparalleled honesty with a lyric. All of these artists had a great respect for the musicians that supported their work.

Patricia says, "These are the qualities that I want to create in my recordings and in my live performances; these artists are no longer with us and their body of work has stood the test of time. I was inspired to begin recording to help keep this music, which I and so many others love, alive in our current and ever-changing culture."

Patricia has sung in jazz clubs in New York and in Connecticut; she has produced and starred in variety programs showcasing The Great American Songbook.